Whilst a BIM environment is focused on creating a virtual model in 3D to ensure an accurate prototype, the output in drawing terms ranges from a photorealistic render right through to a traditional 2D working drawing. The benefit is that all views and presentation materials are produced directly from the same single model ensuring reliability, consistency and accuracy of all information produced.

This process connects all of the material, views & drawings that are produced. One change anywhere in the model means a change everywhere, all views and drawings are automatically changed. Never again will your working drawings differ from what has been approved at planning and avoid sales images and sales dimensions differing from what is being produced on site. Adoption of BIM procedures avoids issues, such as window schedules not matching the plans and elevations… such problems no longer affect our drawings or those of the consultants in our preferred design team.

One of the greatest benefits BIM brings is exceptional co-ordination throughout the entire project.


Traditional project processes consist of Concept Drawings – Planning Drawings – Working Drawings – Sales material.

Each of these stages usually overlap and require starting drawings from scratch at each stage to avoid problems and inaccuracies travelling onto the next stage or to avoid conflict with different drawing packages. The technique to avoid this was to embark on a redraw at each stage. The BIM process avoids this complete waste of time and money.

The adoption of Revit Software and a BIM process allows us to commence the concept drawings, the planning drawings, working drawings and sales images at the same time, meaning the later stages of a traditional project are commenced much earlier in the BIM process which safely condenses the period between project inception and construction.

Furthermore because all information is produced concurrently from one model, amendments made at the later stages of the project requiring re-submission to planners, can be produced quickly and with very little effort, saving time and avoiding the large un-budgeted additional costs, associated with late changes in a tight program.


By way of producing an intelligent virtual working model our prototype contains far less areas of risk than would usually be the case. The model can contain an unlimited amount of information, which can be attached to or embedded into the model. This allows us to offer a complete building facilities management service, of particular interest to clients with an extensive property portfolio.

The building model can be passed to you, or maintained safely here at NC Architects, for future reference. Never again will you have to phone contractors or plough through often lengthy and unmanageable building manuals. Never again will you suffer from lack of, or lost information. We can make it as simple as identifying the component in question and looking at its properties in the virtual model environment to find out everything that is relevant to that component.

NC Architects can even be retained to keep your building model up to date as alterations or changes are made, to ensure accuracy of information.

NC Architects have made it possible for you to place you entire project in the hands of a single capable BIM compliant consultant who can take your project from inception right through to completion and beyond, saving you time, money and stress in the process.


NC Architects are fully proficient in using the following BIM, CAD and Design programmes

•  Autodesk Revit Architecture  •  Autodesk 3D Studio Max Design  •  Autodesk AutoCad  •  Autodesk Design Review  •  Autodesk Navisworks  •

•  Adobe Photoshop  •  Adobe InDesign  •  Adobe Illustrator  •  Adobe Premiere  •