BIM has been the buzzword in the construction industry for years now, what level BIM are you working to? Are you a lonely BIMmer? Do you have a BIM Strategy? All very good questions but do client’s really care and should they be paying the price for all this BIMming?

BIM was heralded as a revolutionary new way of designing and constructing buildings that would save huge amounts of time and even bigger amounts of money…. But who for? If it’s not the clients then surely, we must ask the obvious question of what exactly are they achieving.

BIM has also been latched onto by the consultant industry and it is very quickly becoming an entirely new area of expertise with specialised BIM consultants who are now adding an entirely new fee into the process that Clients have never had to pay. Consultants themselves are now also seeing this as an opportunity to charge more under the banner of BIM and Contractors are adding costs for the additional co-ordination and on-site technology required to stay BIM compliant.

If we put consultant fees and added prelims to one side for a minute there is no doubt that a fully coordinated project from a central model and information source will always allow you to build faster, more accurately and with almost no on-site problems or abortive work due to unknown unknowns. But shouldn’t this just be the way we do it rather than an added extra we can offer our clients?

This is why at NC Architects whilst we are fully BIM compliant if needed, we are moving away from the ‘BIM’ buzzword and we will simply continue to offer our clients nothing other than a Coordinated Virtual Construction process. After all we were one of the first adopters of Virtual building in the early 2000’s and have been doing it for over 15 years now, so who better to guide you through the process. We don’t offer it as an added service or at an additional cost because it is in our opinion the only way to work.

So we say, forget the buzzword, all client’s want is a building realised faster, at less cost, with fewer mistakes and with less paperwork. This is exactly what we have been providing our current clients for years, not as an extra fee, not by involving additional consultants, simply as part of our all-inclusive design process and workflow.
So, what do we ask in return? Only that you are an engaged client and you make a few decisions earlier on in the process than you are used to and if you really want to gain the maximum efficiency and savings, appoint us from inception to completion.
No additional fees, no additional consultants, no additional time to do drawings and no fancy technology required on site. Just coordinated information.

We are certain we can help you reduce your costs and time and would love to talk to you further about your upcoming projects so please give us a call so we can arrange a no commitment demonstration at your office.


Bill Pier

Managing Director

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