Well 4 weeks on and still no mains electric. With only 7 weeks to go until handover things are not looking good! Its times like these you are thankful for a team approach and bringing the contractor on board as a member of that team and not an adversary. All parties are pressing on and working hard to ensure this major hiccup doesn’t affect the quality or program which can be seen throughout the project.

In the workshop not only has the tiling been completed, all of the workshop equipment is on site and half is already installed! It is a shame to see above ground lifts break up the space but with big heavy cars like Land Rover this is one item where functionality definitely trumps aesthetics.

The wash bay pit floor coating has been installed. This was necessary due to the incredibly corrosive chemicals used for vehicle cleaning. Chemicals that have on past projects eaten through just about everything including concrete and steel!

In the showroom things are really coming together. The floor tiling is also complete and looking fantastic, decoration is waiting for its final coat and the huge black glass walls and lighting in the handover bays provide a very dramatic atmosphere.

The Customer WC’s are again looking great and very nearly complete, just waiting for mirrors.

Externally the cladding is going through its final snagging process and the final coat of tarmac is imminent along with the resin bound gravel. Two items that will really give the site the surrounding it deserves
With only 6 full weeks until handover the end is almost in sight and I see absolutely no reason why it won’t be finished…… if we get some electric!

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