Client: Try Homes Ltd

83 Dwellings Refurbishment and conversion into residential flats. 1-3 bed units.

This scheme was the first refurbishment of a listed Former Mental Hospital that the practice embarked upon.

Being Listed we had to retain the old cell structure within the flats, which lent themselves to kitchens and bathrooms with their brick vaulted ceilings, working closely with Oxford City Council’s heritage Architect, we persuaded them to use double glazing and the end result was a successful scheme that worked well, had apartments with high ceilings and lovely mature grounds.
The scheme included refurbishment of the gatehouse and a further ten dwellings in the grounds.

The technical aspects of the scheme included detailed construction drawings which had to resolve acoustic, fire and insulation issues, which had to be resolved efficiently and meet the requirements of the Building Regulations.

Following this we completed another two schemes, Oakwood Hospital in Maidstone and Knowle Hospital near Fareham.

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