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Architectural excellence built over 50 years.

The NC Architects Way

We pride ourselves on getting it right first time. By paying meticulous attention to detail and pre-constructing our projects as a single 3D model we can minimise the number of errors prior to construction. We can deliver a highly efficient way of working, coupled with outstanding communication skills to maximise each projects potential. It is clear to see why many of our clients are repeat customers.

BMW & MINI, Melksham

Aston Martin Dealership, Bristol

Multivac UK, Swindon

Milton Keynes 10.3

BMW Swindon

Hills H43 Priory Vale

Jaguar Land Rover Dealership, Melksham

Littlemore Hospital

Ferrari Maserati Dealership, Swindon

“The accuracy of their drawings at site level is testimony to the attention they give to construction detailing and the use of Revit & BIM is a benefit to all parties. As far as Square One Construction is concerned, long may the partnership continue.”

– Tim Stevens, Square One Construction Ltd

Commercial Buildings & Motor Showrooms

For 42 years we have provided Architectural services to the Dick Lovett group for their BMW-Mini, Porsche, Ferrari, Aston-Martin & Jaguar Land Rover brands, working closely with our client and the “Brand Guardians” of the manufacturers to deliver high quality dealerships. These include Multiple Brand Campus solutions in Swindon & Bristol.

Residential & Master Planning

We are committed to excellence in Architectural Design from early concept Masterplanning through to Technical Design and Project Management. Urban design can play a big part in residential scheme planning and we have the skills to deal with all considerations from the outset. The firm has won several Design and Conservation Awards and we are an RIBA Chartered Practice and members of the Association of Consultant Architects.

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